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 ABOUT JULIE (she/her) 

Julie has been working in the mental health industry for over 17 years, as well as in acute care for 9 of those years. She has experience with disordered eating, eating disorders, body image concerns, body dysmorphia, body dysphoria, anxiety, depression, obessionality, perfectionism, shame, over control, over functioning, process disorders, sensory processing symptoms and more. For 12 years, she worked with people who struggled with body image concerns and disordered eating; encompassing the range of clean eating, chronic dieting, over exercising, emotional eating/loss of control, or feeling too controlled around food, eating disorders.

Julie uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help people better understand their thoughts, particularly their core fears and beliefs about themselves and the world. Together, Julie works with her clients to affirm and change those thoughts. Julie uses dialectical behavioral therapy to help with grounding and regulation skills, and help people find their values. Of course there is a lot more...


Julie believes in taking a non-judgmental approach and teaching people how to approach themselves with curiosity, grace, and compassion. Shame is often the root of many of our core beliefs about ourselves. We learn best through encouragement, practice, patience, and kindness; not critical, condemning environments (often our own thoughts). Julie believes in validating clients thoughts and exploring these emotions in your sessions together. 

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