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ABOUT DAVID (he/him) 

David is a LMSW licensed in both Kansas and Missouri and he is currently being supervised for his clinical licensure in Kansas. David has experience in school social work at all grade levels and enjoys working with adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, or who are just trying to find their place in their part of the world. Prior to entering the mental health profession, David spent many years in a corporate setting in roles that ranged from IT and operations management, to consulting and business development. With that background and the experience of being a husband and father, David has honed many skills that give him a unique approach to providing care. David is compassionate, empathetic, encouraging, and non-judgmental.



The foundation of David’s approach to care is providing a safe, collaborative environment. To create this atmosphere, David adopts the moto of “Listening together”. He believes that his role is to listen to understand, not just to respond, and that the reciprocal is also true in any therapeutic relationship. David is skilled at meeting people where they are, and helping them set and achieve their goals. Once you are on the path together, David is a wonderful companion who is there to provide support, encouragement, accountability, and to cheer you on as you reach each one of your milestones. 

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